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We often wonder how healthy our body is internally and whether we will contract any disease anytime in life. Regular exercise, good diet and stress management together constitute the essence of good health. But apart from this we are unaware of many other factors and determinants of health such as our medical history, drug history, family history or genetics, exposure to environmental factors, social habits, screening of underlying undiagnosed conditions etc. As far as our health is concerned we just see the tip of the iceberg. MediPlace will help you understand your current health picture better and guide you in the best possible way to ensure a long life and a healthy body. Our doctors understand your preventive healthcare needs and customize a preventive care plan for you and your family members after considering all the parameters. This can help you save huge costs related to unnecessary and unwarranted tests. Our plan will also ensure that you do not miss out on critical tests that prevent diseases and hospitalizations. We do not sell 'over-the-counter packages' in the name of prevention. More tests DOES NOT mean better health! We ensure you do not go under the scanner and get exposed to harmful radiations when you don't need them. Let us prescribe you a healthy future. Enroll with us today for a personalized approach to your health. A more holistic and definitive approach towards your health is coming your way. 

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